IP-Link Technology is a professional Wireless Networking & PC peripheral manufacturer. Our mission is to Link Information & People wirelessly with our new technology. The IP-Link members devote ourselves for providing the best solutions to our customers. We believe that offering good products under competitive price with quality guarantee & responsive service is the best feedback to our respectable customers.  
  “Customer first” has been our strong belief when serving our customers. We firmly believe and practice the principal that our customers’ successes come first. During last years we have experienced steady growth while being a true partner with our customers.
IPLINK has been built around the above mentioned values. Though it is more and more challenging to meet all customers’ needs, we are continuing to strive with integrity and diligence with strong ambition to meet our customers' needs and to exceed their expectations... ...
Our Partner
ADDRESS: Unit 11, No. Four, Seventh St, Vali Asr Street,Tehran
TEL. +9802188202288
FAX. +9802188674568